Warrior Venom Helmet

The Warrior Venom lacrosse helmet is kind of like the new Red Sox road uniforms; at first I thought they looked terrible, but they are starting to grow on me.  The Venom helmet looks different that most of the other helmets on the market.  The face mask is longer than most helmets with a curved cage that looks like it might restrict visibility.  The back of the helmet also looks different with a wide unvented bottom.
Looks aside, you can’t argue the the Venom’s superior fit and protection.  The helmet features a unique EXO Air Fit System which allows a player to inflate the interior padding for a true custom fit.
Other features of the venom include the following:

  • Neckline padding and backshell for added protection
  • Moisture wicking EVA padded liner
  • 23 Vaporflow vent holes for improved breathability
  • Color customization options

Bottom Line:  I’m still not sold on looks of the Venom, but if you are looking for the best possible fit and superior protection, the Warrior Venom lacrosse helmet is your answer.

Where to Buy: Lacrosse.com

Check the Warrior Video below:


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