Warrior Lacrosse Void

Warrior Lacrosse has brought the goalie stick to an entirely new level with the release of the Void Goalie stick.  The Warrior Void is the first goalie stick on the market with offset design, which, according to Warrior allows for better ball control and a more accurate release.

Now not to be a naysayer, but in this reviewer’s mind an offset goalie stick is a little over the top.  Nonetheless, the Void is getting great reviews from both high school, collegiate and professional lacrosse players alike.  The Warrior Void is fairly light weight and very well balanced, making it a quick weapon between the pipes.

Warrior Void Features:

  • Patented Offset Technology creates a lowered pocket and great ball control
  • Stringing Ridge to protects strings
  • Pit Stop ball stopper to keep the ball securely in the head
  • 6 month limited warranty against manufacturing defects

Bottom Line:  Pair the Void head with a 12 diamond mesh pocket and a Warrior Titan Pro titanium shaft for a solid all around goalie stick.

Price: $80 – $90 (head only)

Where to buy: Lacrosse.com


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