Warrior Kryptolyte Hounds Tooth LE

You are probably all familiar with Warrior’s Kryptolyte shaft; it’s lightweight, super strong, clean look has made it one of the most popular shafts in lacrosse history. So what does Warrior do? They throw some killer Hounds Tooth graphics on it, and issues it as Limited Additional ‘must have’ piece of lacrosse equipment.

The Warrior Kryptolyte Hounds Tooth Limited Edition shaft. This is the Furby of lacrosse equipment. One of those things that every die hard lacrosse equipment junkie must have for their collection. And the great thing is, this shaft isn’t all looks. Constructed of of C-405 aluminum alloy, and featuring Warrior’s exclusive Kung Fu Grip, the Kryptolyte Hounds Tooth can get the job done.

Cost:$80 – $90 (if you can find one…)

Bottom Line: It’s Hounds Tooth on a lacrosse shaft… of course you need it. And if you are a true bawler you’ll pick up the Mac Daddy II Limited Edition glove to match. But that’s another review…

Where to buy: Lacrosse.com


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