Warrior Evo Ti

The EVO TI  (Evolution Titanium) is Warrior Lacrosse’s latest advancement in lacrosse stick technology. Utilizing the titanium technology first developed with the STIFF1, Warrior has adapted this technology to their top selling Warrior Evolution. The Evo Ti is currently the stick of choice for Chris Fiore and Jesse Hubbard. Warrior Lacrosse notes the following features in the EVO TI:

  • Titanium Reinforced – with widened windows so you can see even more titanium
  • New and improved Titanium Rod has been designed to prevent the head from flexing both side-to-side and front and back
  • The best strength-to -weight ration of any lacrosse head
  • Features the Warrior EZ Scoop that lets you pick up ground balls while on the run

The Warrior EVO Ti is available as an unstrung head or in Warrior’s standard Player Pocket, 6-Diamond, Soft Mesh or Landing Strip.

Weight: 4.9 oz
Cost: $145-$180

Bottom Line: Pricy, but superior technology makes it worth the investment.

Where to Buy: Lacrosse.com


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