Top 15 Men’s Sticks

Here it is folks. The first annual Top 15 Men’s Lacrosse Sticks for the 2009 season.  Some of these lacrosse sticks are new this year, while others have proven themselves season after season. This years rankings include the best lacrosse sticks from all the major lacrosse equipment manufacturers, including Brine, STX and Warrior.  It also includes some new companies to the world of lacrosse including Maverik, Harrow and Reebok.  The rankings are based on overall performance and/or outstanding performance at a specific position. Goalie sticks were not included in these rankings.

Keep your eye out for our Top 15 shafts and Top 15 Women’s Lacrosse Sticks coming soon!
1. Brine Answer Pro – Maximum offset, sleek, narrow face
2. Warrior Evo Ti – Titanium reinforced, offset head, flared sidewalls
3. Reebok 9K Career – Perfectly balanced in every way
4. Brine Truth – Super light weight
5. STX K18 – Brain child of Kyle Harrison – crazy pinch
6. Maverik Juice – Mo-Control technology promotes the fastest release point possible
7. Brine Asset – Innovative mid-stick stringing
8. Warrior Helix – Twisted sidewall for superior ball retention
9. STX Primer – Great stick for face offs
10. Gait Tourque – Narrow pocket and V-scoop provides pinpoint accuracy
11. STX Viper 2 – great stick for all levels of play – another STX classic
12. STX X3 – 3rd generation of a classic – still solid after all these years
13. Gait Torque – Super tight pocket
14. Warrior Stiffi – Stiffest head on the market – great for defensemen
15. Harrow Turret – Not pretty but solid all around