The new Xen 10° lacrosse stick from STX lacrosse is, perhaps, the most technically advanced women’s lacrosse stick on the market. And with a $200 price tag (limited addition version) it should be! The light weight, aggressive looking STX Xen is part of the STX Series 7 line of products, endorsed by Jenn Adams (#7), team Australia superstar and head coach of Maryland. The limited addition Xen will pair a black head with a black STX Lever Teardrop Composite shaft. A few pink highlights gives it just a touch of jazz.

Features of the STX Xen 10° includes:

  • elastomer overmold to reduce ball rattle and improve release
  • 10° cant for quicker release and better ball feel
  • lowest legal sidewalls for the deepest legal pocket
  • STX Island Ball Stop
  • STX Precision Pocket, which comes broken in, ready to go

Bottom Line: Expect to see the STX Xen in the hands of many division 1 collegiate lacrosse players this Spring.

Cost: $130 – $200(limited addition)

Where to buy:
World Lacrosse Shop

Bonus – check out the Jenn Adam STX Xen video!


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