STX Kannon & Krankshaft

The STX Kannon men’s lacrosse head and the STX Krankshaft 10 degree 7050 lacrosse shaft are designed specifically to be used together.  A great all around lacrosse stick, the STX Kannon’s strongest feature is its performance as a face-off stick.  A short, narrow throat keeps the hands close to the head, and provides maximum clampability at the X.

Keep in mind, the STX Kannon is best suited for advanced players who can capitalize on the lightweight narrow head.  Additional features of the Kannon include the following:

  • Recessed scoop for improved ground balls
  • Added sidewall holes for maximum pocket stringing options
  • STX “Power V” stringing for improved ball channeling in and out of the pocket
  • Super lightweight at only 123 grams
  • Custom7000 series aluminum alloy shaft

Bottom Line:  The STX Kannon Krankshaft combination work together to create a great all around lacrosse stick, that’s virtually unbeatable at the X.

Where to Buy: Dick’s Sporting Goods


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