STX G22 Arm Pads

Designed by none other than Gary Gait himself, the STX G22 arm pad provides superior arm protection with minimal bulk. The G22 features HighDef polymer for an extreme weight-to-protection ratio, and allows airflow between the pads and arm.  The entire STX G22 line is designed to be as light as possible, using the most advanced materials on the market.  Staying light and mobile is especially important in the arms, where any restriction of movement can effect a players ability to pass, shoot or catch.  Check out this clip for more information on the G22.

STX G22 Arm Pad features include:

  • High Def™ Polymer for ventilated, ultra-lightweight protection
  • Internal multi-surface design provide maximum airflow
  • High Def™ Polymer naturally defends against odors
  • No-slip sleeve and adjustable strap

Bottom Line:  When it comes to arm pads, simple is a good thing.  The G22 slides on with ease and stays in place – can’t ask for more than that!

Price: $80-$100

Where to Buy:
Dick’s Sporting Goods


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