Rule Changes

By now, we’ve all heard about the proposed lacrosse stick rule changes proposed for the 2010 lacrosse season.  The following summary explains the proposed change, who the rule applies to, and when it goes into a effect.  US Lacrosse has also released a clarification on the rule change, available here.

Beginning January 1, 2010, all lacrosse stick heads used in NCAA play must meet a new set of dimensions, which will essentially widen the face of the lacrosse head.  This rule will applies to all men’s lacrosse sticks used in NCAA competition, and to other leagues which follow NCAA rules.  This rule has NOT been adopted by most other governing bodies however, including the NFHS, which governs High School lacrosse in most states.  The state of Maryland is one of a few states that is not governed by the NFHS, but has not decided on which rule they will adopt for the 2010 season.

It has been rumored, that the NFHS will adopt the NCAA at some point in the future, but NOT for the 2010 season.  The NFHS will discuss this issue at the summer meetings this July.  To cloud the issue further, there is also rumors that the NCAA may drop or push the change beyond the 2010 season, however at this point it appears that the NCAA is sticking to the January 1, 2010 change date.

Currently, very few sticks currently on the market meet the new NCAA specifications, however all the major manufacturers will soon be releasing sticks meeting the new specifications.  We will keep you posted on this important rule change, and will review lacrosse sticks meeting the new specifications as they become available.