Rock-It Pocket Review

A huge part of what we do at is review lacrosse heads.  As important as the lacrosse head is however, the lacrosse pocket is equally important.  And let’s face it; traditional and mesh don’t always cut it.   That’s where the Rock-It Pocket comes in.  A completely custom, unique stringing style, patented by the Rock-It-Pocket company.

The Rock-It-Pocket was first introduced in 1987 by CSU head coach, Flip Naumburg. Since then, the Rock-It Pocket and it’s variations have become hugely popular stringing option among both high school and collegiate players alike.  Unlike traditional lacrosse pockets, the rocket pocket comes pre-formed, hugging the ball the ball in the pocket.  This unique design allows the ball to ‘rock’ as you cradle, minimizing ball rattle inside the stick.

Rock-it Pocket offers several variations of the original.  The Pookie Pocket is formed to allow the ball to sit lower in the pocket, making it ideal for attackmen that tend to cradle with the stick in a vertical position.   Another lacrosse pocket option offered by Rock-It is the Davis Dog pocket which allows the ball to sit higher in the stick, just below the shooting strings.  This pocket is best suited for advanced layers, and allows for quick shots from a lower angle.  I’ve always been a fan of the original Rock-It Pocket, which puts the ball in a more neutral position.

Today, Rocket-it offers a full line of lacrosse heads, and can be ordered with any rocket-it pocket or hard or soft mesh.  If you have an existing head which you’d like strung, you can send it directly to Rock-It for stringing.

Pockets cost between $50 and $55 depending on the style.


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