Nike Air Zoom Vapor Jet 4.2 Lacrosse Cleats

We love that Nike is making a run at the game of lacrosse, and we love their Nike Air Zoom Vapor Jet 4.2 Lacrosse Cleats.  They  may be the new kid on the lacrosse block, but there is no denying the quality of products and their impact on other growing sports such as golf and soccer.  Make no mistake about it, Nike will help bring the game to the next level.   The top of Nike’s product line starts at the bottom; their cleats.  An ofter overlooked piece of lacrosse equipment, the lacrosse cleat is critical to every player at every position.

The Nike Air Zoom Vapor Jet 4.2 Lacrosse Cleat is loaded with Nike’s latest technology including zero-space technology custom fit, a molded vapor outsole and sidewall shovel cleats.   The Nike Air Zoom Vapor Jet weighs in at only 9.9 oz. and is best suited for use on natural grass, or full depth synthetic turf.

Bottom Line:  This is top of line lacrosse cleat, and nobody does it better than Nike.

Check out the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Jet’s

Lacrosse Monkey from $100


One Response to “Nike Air Zoom Vapor Jet 4.2 Lacrosse Cleats”

  1. Steve on August 5th, 2011 6:14 pm

    I bought these cleats last year and they are sweet! I highly recommend you check them out.

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