Defender Lacrosse Mouth Guard

We talk a lot on this site about the advancement in lacrosse equipment, especially with new technologies in lacrosse sticks, helmets and gloves.  And now, the same can be said about the lacrosse mouth guard.  The Defender Mouth Guard, made by Defender Mouthguard Laboratories of Yonkers New York has been making mouth guards for the dental professionals since 1981.  Now this technology is available directly to the public.  The Defender Mouthguard features high heat pressure lamination technology which allows for multiple layers of protection where needed most.  The Streamline Design (featured on the Defender Varsity and Defender Pro product lines), provides a single layer of protection on the inner surfaces of the teeth without interfering with the tongue.  This technology allows for uninhibited breathing and speech and maximum comfort.

In order to create the a highly customized fit, the Mouth Guard requires a self impression of user which is mailed back to Defender for creation of the custom mouth guard. And like most quality equipment available today, the Defender Mouth Guard can be customized in a variety of color combinations and patterns.

One downside to the defender is its price; ranging from $57 for a basic youth model to $147 for a 3-color Pro model.  Definitely more pricey than you might be use to, but take it from someone that has chipped teeth playing lacrosse; your dental bills will be much more expensive!


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