STX Kannon & Krankshaft

The STX Kannon men’s lacrosse head and the STX Krankshaft 10 degree 7050 lacrosse shaft are designed specifically to be used together.  A great all around lacrosse stick, the STX Kannon’s strongest feature is its performance as a face-off stick.  A short, narrow throat keeps the hands close to the head, and provides maximum clampability at the X. Read more

Brine Asset

As we all know, the game of lacrosse will change in 2010 with the modification of the stick rule.  In response to this rule, Brine Lacrosse has developed a stick that will help combat this rule change; The Brine Asset.  The concept is simple:  Move the pocket up into the stick to allow more total pocket depth, while effectively reducing the width of the face through a deeper pocket.  Read more

Warrior Lacrosse Void

Warrior Lacrosse has brought the goalie stick to an entirely new level with the release of the Void Goalie stick.  The Warrior Void is the first goalie stick on the market with offset design, which, according to Warrior allows for better ball control and a more accurate release. Read more

STX Viper 2

Lacrosse technology has come a long way in the last five years, unfortunately most of the advancement has been in equipment for advanced players. STX Lacrosse has changed that trend with the release of the Viper 2 Lacrosse Head. The original Viper pushed the limit of open sidewall design. The new Viper has retained the open sidewall design, and has added just enough modern features to make it a perfect stick for the intermediate lacrosse player. Read more

Warrior Evo Ti

The EVO TI  (Evolution Titanium) is Warrior Lacrosse’s latest advancement in lacrosse stick technology. Utilizing the titanium technology first developed with the STIFF1, Warrior has adapted this technology to their top selling Warrior Evolution. The Evo Ti is currently the stick of choice for Chris Fiore and Jesse Hubbard. Warrior Lacrosse notes the following features in the EVO TI: Read more