Warrior Venom Helmet

The Warrior Venom lacrosse helmet is kind of like the new Red Sox road uniforms; at first I thought they looked terrible, but they are starting to grow on me.  The Venom helmet looks different that most of the other helmets on the market.  The face mask is longer than most helmets with a curved cage that looks like it might restrict visibility.  The back of the helmet also looks different with a wide unvented bottom. Read more

Brine Triumph XP Lacrosse Helmet

New from Brine Lacrosse, is the Triumph XP lacrosse helmet. This is a serious bucket, likely to be sported by many of the top NCAA lacrosse teams for the 2009 season. The Triumph XP lacrosse helmet features an aggressive styled facemask, which is integrated with the visor and jaw piece to provide maximum field visibility. The Triumph XP comes loaded with 27 aerodynamic vents and patented Brine “jetsream” cooling system. Not sure exactly what that means, but we think it keeps your noggin’ cool. Read more

Cascade Pro 7 Helmet

In the world of lacrosse helmets the Cascade Pro 7 rules the kingdom. After all, how many lacrosse helmets do you know that have their own website? The official helmet of Major League Lacrosse, the Cascade Pro 7 is loaded with innovations, including the Seven Technology liner system which is designed to help reduce the potential for concussions.  Visually, the Pro 7 is meaner looking than Mr. T, and can be customized in any color combination you like.  Read more