Cascade Pro 7 Helmet

In the world of lacrosse helmets the Cascade Pro 7 rules the kingdom. After all, how many lacrosse helmets do you know that have their own website? The official helmet of Major League Lacrosse, the Cascade Pro 7 is loaded with innovations, including the Seven Technology liner system which is designed to help reduce the potential for concussions.  Visually, the Pro 7 is meaner looking than Mr. T, and can be customized in any color combination you like.  Additional features of Cacade Pro 7 include the following:

  • Seven Technology Liner System – Compresses and laterally displaces the energy from a direct impact, thereby reducing the probability of a concussion
  • Open cylinders of Seven Technology allow for air flow and cooling
  • SuperMono Shell/Mask – One piece shell and visor creates a more rigid system to manage frontal impacts
  • One piece design also shifts the balance point closer to the center of your head, making it feel lighter
  • Lined with a comfort layer of cross linked foam
  • Star wheels unlock, slide to adjust to your head size and re-lock for a perfect fit
  • 3 jaw pads with different thicknesses so you get a snug fit
  • Tungsten mask design opens up the view of the field
  • Designed for professional players
  • Color customizable
  • Meets NOCSAE standards
  • Unconditional 1 year warranty

Cost: $230-$240

Bottom Line:  Buy in now.  No seriously, you need to buy it now.

Where to Buy:
Dick’s Sporting Goods


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