Brine Asset

As we all know, the game of lacrosse will change in 2010 with the modification of the stick rule.  In response to this rule, Brine Lacrosse has developed a stick that will help combat this rule change; The Brine Asset.  The concept is simple:  Move the pocket up into the stick to allow more total pocket depth, while effectively reducing the width of the face through a deeper pocket.  The verdict is still out the Asset, but you have to give Brine credit for pushing the envelope of stick development.  The technology may not be perfected quite yet, but this is no gimmick.  Overall, the Brine Asset is a high quality lacrosse head, loaded with technology.  Some of features include:

  • Patented offset technology for superior feel
  • Tight face for better ball retention
  • Mid strung sidewall for a deeper pocket
  • Unique flared sidewalls

Bottom Line:  The Brine Asset lacrosse head may very well be the future of lacrosse head design.  Only time will tell…

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