STX Kannon & Krankshaft

The STX Kannon men’s lacrosse head and the STX Krankshaft 10 degree 7050 lacrosse shaft are designed specifically to be used together.  A great all around lacrosse stick, the STX Kannon’s strongest feature is its performance as a face-off stick.  A short, narrow throat keeps the hands close to the head, and provides maximum clampability at the X. Read more

Warrior Venom Helmet

The Warrior Venom lacrosse helmet is kind of like the new Red Sox road uniforms; at first I thought they looked terrible, but they are starting to grow on me.  The Venom helmet looks different that most of the other helmets on the market.  The face mask is longer than most helmets with a curved cage that looks like it might restrict visibility.  The back of the helmet also looks different with a wide unvented bottom. Read more

DeBeer Tempest Pro

The new Tempest Pro women’s lacrosse stick is the latest innovation by the DeBeer/Gait lacrosse company.  As DeBeer has done in the past with the wildly popular Apex Lacrosse Stick, the Tempest Pro pushes the limits of stick technology and innovation it the game of women’s lacrosse.  Sticks such as the Apex, the Devine and now the Tempest Pro have helped set DeBeer apart as the leader in the women’s lacrosse.  DeBeer was recently named the sponsor the 2009 USA Women’s Lacrosse Team. Read more

STX Sc-Ti Pro Lacrosse Shaft

STX Lacrosse has been making great lacrosse shafts for many years, and the new STX Sc-Ti Pro may be their best ever.  The STX Sc-Ti Pro lacrosse shaft combines Scandium and Titanium alloys, for an ultra light, super strong shaft.  Touted as being lighter than titanium and stronger than scandium, the STX Sc-Ti has already become a favorite amoung top college programs including John Hopkins, Cornell, Syracuse, Maryland, Navy and Hofstra.  The Sc-Ti Pro features concave edges for improved grip and feel. Read more

Rock-It Pocket Review

A huge part of what we do at is review lacrosse heads.  As important as the lacrosse head is however, the lacrosse pocket is equally important.  And let’s face it; traditional and mesh don’t always cut it.   That’s where the Rock-It Pocket comes in.  A completely custom, unique stringing style, patented by the Rock-It-Pocket company. Read more

Mac Daddy II Gloves

New from Warrior Lacrosse is the Mac Daddy II Limited Addition lacrosse gloves. The Mac Daddy II features a synthetic leather exterior over high-performance triple density impact foam. The Limited Version incorporates a one-of-a-kind houndstooth trim that is uniquely Warrior. Read more

Defender Lacrosse Mouth Guard

We talk a lot on this site about the advancement in lacrosse equipment, especially with new technologies in lacrosse sticks, helmets and gloves.  And now, the same can be said about the lacrosse mouth guard.  The Defender Mouth Guard, made by Defender Mouthguard Laboratories of Yonkers New York has been making mouth guards for the dental professionals since 1981.  Read more

Brine Asset

As we all know, the game of lacrosse will change in 2010 with the modification of the stick rule.  In response to this rule, Brine Lacrosse has developed a stick that will help combat this rule change; The Brine Asset.  The concept is simple:  Move the pocket up into the stick to allow more total pocket depth, while effectively reducing the width of the face through a deeper pocket.  Read more


The new Xen 10° lacrosse stick from STX lacrosse is, perhaps, the most technically advanced women’s lacrosse stick on the market. And with a $200 price tag (limited addition version) it should be! The light weight, aggressive looking STX Xen is part of the STX Series 7 line of products, endorsed by Jenn Adams (#7), team Australia superstar and head coach of Maryland. The limited addition Xen will pair a black head with a black STX Lever Teardrop Composite shaft. Read more

Nike Air Zoom Vapor Jet 4.2 Lacrosse Cleats

We love that Nike is making a run at the game of lacrosse, and we love their Nike Air Zoom Vapor Jet 4.2 Lacrosse Cleats.  They  may be the new kid on the lacrosse block, but there is no denying the quality of products and their impact on other growing sports such as golf and soccer.  Make no mistake about it, Nike will help bring the game to the next level.   The top of Nike’s product line starts at the bottom; their cleats.  An ofter overlooked piece of lacrosse equipment, the lacrosse cleat is critical to every player at every position. Read more

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